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Do you have a brick and mortar business?

List your business on Sustainable Life App! It's a simple form and a $97 one-time lifetime fee!

Do you own or work for a brick & mortar business with sustainability values? Or perhaps have a business that delivers products or offers eco-services to only select cities/communities?

Get featured today 🛍️!

Once you list your business on the app, you can: 

Add your business details:

  • 📍address
  • 📷 photos
  • 📹 a video
  • #️⃣ social media pages
  • 💌 business description
  •  🌱 select from a list of our app's sustainability values

Showcase local deals: 

  • 🛒 discounted items
  • 💲 sales
  • 🛍️ promotional items

3 Step Process

Step 1

Fill out the easy online application

  • Takes 5 minutes.

Step 2

We email you

  • Our CEO will personally email you.

Step 3


  • $97 (one-time fee and edit and update your listing anytime).

Business Listing

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Repair Shop

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Recycling Depot/ Drop-off Location

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Do you manufacture sustainable products? 

Once your application is approved, your brand will:

  • be showcased on the online shopping section of the app.
  • get listed as a ✅ Verified Sustainable Brand on local retailer profiles who list you as a sustainable brand they sell.

How we analyze brands:

  • We are fair.
  • Our objective is just to help consumers understand what they're buying.
  • Do we expect you to be perfect? Nope!
  • Do we require that you be transparent? Yup!
  • We analyze direct-to-consumer online brands featured on our website in a variety of ways for the convenience of the Sustainable Life App™ users.
  • We hire experts/consultants (as needed) in each field/category to rate a brand's business practices based on our 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™.
Feature your Sustainable Brand on the App

Learn how to live and shop sustainably! 


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❎Protect yourself from Greenwashing (a marketing tactic used by corporations to get your $) 

🗺️ Create a personal blueprint to get you from where you are, to where you want to be

💪 Enhance your life and achieve your sustainability goals

 🌱and much more! 

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