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Improve your consumption patterns in an easy to manage way!

Includes BONUS videos: 

  • Sustainable Holidays
  • Gift Giving
  • Greenwashing
  • Do's and Don'ts of Online Shopping. 

Price: $79

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Virtual Coaching

You don't have to do this alone. Our coaching program may be JUST what you need! 

What you get:

  • A 2 hour video coaching session with M 
  • A custom tailored plan to help you achieve your goals. 
  • Email support after the call

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Spencer Payne

I went into the course feeling a little discouraged - I always felt like positive change was some distant, unattainable goal. Breaking down what I could do into bite size pieces definitely saved my sanity!

Ashley Meyers

I was amazed by how much I could do to be a sustainable person! I never thought learning how to be more sustainable would be so much fun! M is great at what she does.

Angie Birman

I'm a mom of two young kids and I have been exploring clean living. I constantly feel challenged by everything that I WANT to do vs what I CAN handle. Thanks to M, I now have an attainable plan.

Alex Fischer 

"The Sustainable Shopping eCourse is a great introduction to buying and living more sustainably! M is a wonderful instructor and a very genuine person. It felt more like chatting with a friend than a formal class, as M is so personable and readily shares her own experiences and tips. 

I especially applaud the focus on Social Impact and Human Rights since it can be easy to get lost in the ideal of sustainability without thinking about how a product impacts more than just the environment. 

As others have said, the smaller sized lessons are appreciated since you don't have to stop mid-video if you have a busy life. The quick quizzes in between each factor is great for just sitting back, thinking about how you can apply it to yourself, and seeing if you understood the lesson. 

Also, I greatly appreciated the reminders to avoid judging yourself and others. I would think about how daunting doing everything at once can be, but M was always there with a reminder to take it one step at a time and be kind to yourself (and others; everyone will be at a different point of this journey than you).

Thank you to M for putting these courses together, they are a welcome treat in the ongoing effort towards saving our planet!"


Sustainable Shopping eCourse

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