Discover the Art of Sustainable Shopping with Our Masterclass


Unveiling the World of Sustainable Shopping:

In a world buzzing with consumerism, making environmentally responsible choices is the need of the hour. Our masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights that empower you to shop sustainably without compromising on style or quality.

Here's What Awaits You:

  1. Deep Dive into Sustainability: Gain a profound understanding of what sustainable shopping entails and the impact it has on the planet and society.

  2. Strategic Shopping Techniques: Learn practical strategies to identify eco-friendly products, decipher sustainability labels, and make purchases that align with your values.

  3. Crafting Your Timeless Wardrobe: Explore the art of curating a capsule wardrobe filled with pieces that not only look good but also stand the test of time and trends.

  4. Embrace an Eco-Focused Lifestyle: Beyond fashion, discover how to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily routine, making conscious choices that reverberate positively.

  5. Engage with Your Expert Instructor: Taking this course will make you feel like you are learning from a wonderful friend who has a wealth of experience in sustainable living. You will gain insights and tips that are easy to implement into your life.

The Ripple Effect:

Your decision to embrace sustainable shopping radiates far beyond your closet. It sets an example, encouraging others to adopt eco-friendly habits, promoting ethical brands, and collectively moving towards a more sustainable future.

Best of all, you get a 90-day money back guarantee IF you don't find the course helpful.

But you will! All of the students who have taken the course have had NOTHING but positive and amazing things to say about what they learned!

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Unleash Your Sustainable Potential with Our Quick and Informative eCourse!

Ready to make a meaningful impact on the environment without investing hours of your time? Our eCourse is designed for you – offering concise, engaging lessons that are all under 10 minutes.


Explore What Awaits You in the Lessons:

🛍️ Embrace Sustainable Living and Shopping: Discover the art of making eco-conscious choices when you shop, supporting brands that align with your values.

Guard Against Greenwashing Tactics: Equip yourself with knowledge to identify misleading marketing tactics and make informed purchasing decisions.

🗺️ Craft Your Personal Sustainability Blueprint: Develop a personalized plan to transition from your current lifestyle to a more sustainable one.

💪 Elevate Your Life through Sustainability: Immerse yourself in practices that not only benefit the planet but also enhance your overall well-being.

👣 Leave a Lighter Footprint: Learn practical techniques to minimize your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.

🎥 Diverse Learning Experience: You get over 30 video lessons (all videos less than 10 minutes each), supplemented by 7 bonus videos that delve into topics like:

  • Navigating Online Shopping: Master the art of eco-friendly online purchases.
  • BYO Lifestyle Guide: Adopt a waste-conscious lifestyle with simple tips.
  • Sustainability during Special Occasions: Embrace eco-friendliness during holidays and events.
  • Thoughtful Sustainable Gift Ideas: Give presents that reflect your commitment to sustainability.
  • Empower Yourself Against Greenwashing Tactics: Arm yourself with knowledge to spot and counter greenwashing.

🌱 And So Much More Awaits!


Uncover the Journey:

Begin your transformative journey towards sustainable living.

Watch the eCourse trailer below ⬇️ and take your first step towards a greener future!

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 Hi! My name is M! 

It is my honour to serve as your instructor for the Shop Sustainably eCourse. 

M stands for Mangla (pronounced Mung-la) Bansal and I am the CEO & Founder of Sustainable Life App (download free on Apple & Android).

I built the app 6 years ago, but I started my journey towards living and shopping sustainably just shy of 30 years ago!

I am here to help you learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainable lifestyle goals!


If you are a eco-minded human being who finds it difficult to reach your sustainability goals, I definitely understand how overwhelming it can feel. 😞

You've probably tried many different types of sustainable activities just like I had and quite possibly feel like you're not making the IMPACT that YOU want. 


Do any of the below scenarios apply to you?

  1. You believe sustainable products are too expensive.
  2. You feel you are too busy to live sustainably.
  3. Your family/loved ones don't support your sustainable lifestyle goals.
  4. Your local government doesn't support/have enough sustainability measures.
  5. You think the rashes, stomach issues or body inflammation that you've been experiencing may be caused by the products you're consuming. 

In fact...

You may be one of the MANY people in the world is experiencing environmental anxiety from feeling like you're not doing enough. 


... don't feel ashamed! 


If you can relate to any of that, please know that I get it.


You are NOT alone!


ALL of the above scenarios used to be my truth too!


8 years ago I lost my sense of smell. I woke up one day and it was just... gone. I went to the doctor's repeatedly for 5 years and each and every single time all they said to me was, "it's just allergies".


Have you ever had to advocate for your health before? I have! 


I went to my doctors office after 5 long years of struggling and said:

"You can call the cops if you want to but I'm not getting up off of this chair until you book an appointment for me to see a specialist. This isn't just allergies." 😓


Long story short, I had to get an immediate surgery because there was a disease in my sinuses that was getting scarily close to my brain!


I'm all better now, but this life event made me realize that the everyday personal care, cleaning and household products that I was using were toxic. ☠️

Can you turn around your fate too? 

The truth is that it's very hard to be perfect with every single sustainable action ESPECIALLY when you have to do it alone. 

It's also very for parents who have children who need you AND need you to consider THEIR health and well being too.

Deep in your heart, you could be asking yourself...

"Why isn't there an easier way to do this?" 


I hear you, and I want to tell you: 

There are 5  Sustainability Pillars that will help you reach your lifestyle goals EASILY

You will learn brand-new ways of shopping and consuming in the Shop Sustainably eCourse! 

The tools I am going to teach you will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. 

It's not magic... but it feels like it! Our system makes achieving your goals convenient for YOUR lifestyle. 

Learn more about your instructor M

Did you know that M used to be a Director & Producer in the film and TV industry before she created her tech startup?

This means that all of the course videos are made entertaining AND educational!

Check out this video for a sneak peak. 


People spend thousands of dollars on QUANTITY over QUALITY products. 


But when you learn how to live and shop more sustainably... your focus goes towards quality. 


This eCourse is a QUALITY purchase that will benefit your life long-term. 


At the price of $79 for this Masterclass, I am giving you the amazing tools and skills that transformed my life, and that of so many of my clients. 

What you get: 

1) 📹 3+ hours worth of total content all shown in 10-minute video sections.

2) 📖 Each section comes with an eBook summarizing AND further explaining the concepts explained in the course.

3) 🖊️ Course worksheets and resource materials.

4) 🎁 Bonus videos of our mini eCourses:

  • Sustainable Online Shopping 
  • Sustainable Gift Giving
  • Making Holidays & Celebrations Sustainable
  • BYO way of being
  • How to protect yourself from GREENWASHING
  • and much more! 


At the end of the eCourse, you will understand: 

  • 🌱 5 key sustainability pillars that you need to embody to live and shop sustainably. 


  • 💪 How to get from where you are, to where you want to be. 


  • ❎ Key sustainability terms such as GREENWASHING and how to protect yourself from corporations who are trying to get your $$$. 


  • 💕 How to achieve your goals, EVEN IF you have family and friend who are not on the same path as you. 


Enroll Now - $79

Helping you achieve your sustainable lifestyle goals is my specialty and you're going to be amazed at how life-changing this product will be for you and your family. 

As soon as you start implementing the tools and information I will be providing to you in this Masterclass, here are the results you can expect: 

  • A massive reduction of your feelings of environmental anxiety.
  • Feeling more confidence, security and peace for the world.  
  • No longer feeling guilt when you occasionally have to buy a product do that goes against your core values. 
  • Knowing how to online shop in a more sustainable way. 
  • Learning how to reduce your overall carbon footprint.
  • Give gifts and celebrate holidays more sustainably.
  • Know the meaning of key sustainability terms such as greenwashing and protect yourself from corporate greed. 
  • Create a map that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  
  • Learn new tools to help you understand ALL types of products which lead to easier shopping decisions. 
  • Watch lessons in a fun way where all of the videos are less than 10 minutes each!  

Course participants have gone from feeling confused about how to achieve their goals, to having clarity when making shopping decisions and living more sustainably with ease! 

Just read and/or watch the video testimonials to see for yourself. People really are loving this eCourse and I know you will too! 

I also give you a 90-day money back guarantee! 


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Alex Fischer 

"The Sustainable Shopping eCourse is a great introduction to buying and living more sustainably! M is a wonderful instructor and a very genuine person. It felt more like chatting with a friend than a formal class, as M is so personable and readily shares her own experiences and tips. 

I especially applaud the focus on Social Impact and Human Rights since it can be easy to get lost in the ideal of sustainability without thinking about how a product impacts more than just the environment. 

As others have said, the smaller sized lessons are appreciated since you don't have to stop mid-video if you have a busy life. The quick quizzes in between each factor is great for just sitting back, thinking about how you can apply it to yourself, and seeing if you understood the lesson. 

Also, I greatly appreciated the reminders to avoid judging yourself and others. I would think about how daunting doing everything at once can be, but M was always there with a reminder to take it one step at a time and be kind to yourself (and others; everyone will be at a different point of this journey than you).

Thank you to M for putting these courses together, they are a welcome treat in the ongoing effort towards saving our planet!"


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